Spiritual Growth and Change

by admin on November 18, 2013

Galatians 5

Passage from Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling Devotional Bible. It is from her book, Jesus Lives.


I LIVE IN YOU- This four letter word fact exponentially changes your life and improves your prospects for all eternity! Don’t worry about whether or not you are a fit home for Me. I am well accustomed to living in unfit houses. Believers throughout the world and through all time have presented Me with a wide variety of deficient dwellings to inhabit. I joyfully move in to these humble homes, and I work on renovating them from the inside. However, I refuse to dwell in people who think they are already “good enough” without Me. I have called such hypocrites “whitewashed tombs: beautiful on the outside but putrid on the inside.”

As you ponder the miraculous truth that I “live in you,” let your heart overflow with Joy. I am not a short term tenant, indwelling you only as long as your behavior pleases Me. I have come to stay–permanently. Be aware, though that My renovations can be quite painful at times, and I don’t adhere to a forty hour work week. When My transforming work in you causes intense pain, cling trustingly to Me. I want you to “live in faith by the One who loved you and gave Himself for you.” Continue Yielding to My renewal within you, and you will become more fully the masterpiece I designed you to be. Collaborate with Me, and live abundantly!

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