Reflections following another domestic attack

by admin on July 18, 2016

Reflections for 17 July 2016

Reflections following another domestic attack: this time in Dallas two weeks ago when five police officers were killed by a single gun man.

Consider Jesus teaching: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. How to do that?

Thomas Paine: these are the times that try men’s soul.
Diminish the power of violence in your own life.

—Resolve personal conflicts with others by simply accepting your responsibility in the problem. And then invite reconciliation to enter and restore your relationships.

—Get rid of violent entertainment in your homes—Killing, shooting, maiming vids need to be tossed out and not viewed. Why? They make violence cool. We now know firsthand, it is not.

—Pray. Pray for our President whether you voted for him or not. Pray for our leaders, the world’s leaders. Pray for the victims—countless people whom we will never know, but God knows, and remembers.

—Pray for the people who perpetrate this gruesome activity. Why pray for those _______? Because if we don’t our hearts will naturally turn to lashing out towards people who are also innocent. And it gives us the satisfaction that our “righteous anger” can have no boundaries, too.

—Finally, come back to our weekly meeting. Invite your friends. Just come and sit in the back; soak it in, and just let your own anxious heart be taken in and comforted by God’s loving heart.

Every day thousands of heroic acts take place and we rarely hear of it; everyday people do mighty things that a week ago they were never even thinking about.

Indeed, these are the times that try men’s souls. But God is here; and will not fail to carry us through to a new day of Peace, Reconciliation and Love.

God bless you all. God is still blessing America.

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